9 Benefits of Scheduling Salon Software

If you’re debating over whether or not to invest in salon software, you should do it now. Consider the fact that the return on investment will be more than worth it. When a client enters your salon, they’re aware of the gleaming sinks in use. But they might not realize everything that happens behind the scenes. As a successful salon owner, by taking the initiative to purchase salon software, you’ll be increasing your efficiency. Bettering your customer service methods, and staying on top of ordering products for your salon. There are numerous benefits of salon software that enable salon managers and owners to run their businesses more efficiently.

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1. Save Time

The first advantage of online appointment software is fewer phone calls will disturb you during treatments. You can simply refer customers directly to the online appointment software on your website.

2. Showing The Use of Latest Technology

Have you ever clicked away from a website because it was confusing or unclear? Then imagine what it would be like to make an appointment via a contact form. Follow the latest trends and showcase the brand-new treatments your salon offers. Utilising leading-edge technology is one of the most important elements of promoting your salon as modern, competitive and driven. When customers see your online availability, they can schedule the appointment and receive an email confirmation right away.They are far more willing to book their appointments over the Internet, and by offering online booking in your salon you demonstrate that your salon uses state-of-the-art technology.

3. Available 24/7

Chances are, most of your busy clients will not be able to call you during opening hours to book an appointment. Often they would not even have time to think about it! Being able to sit back in the evening and book appointments at their convenience would make things so much easier for them. Just think how often customers decide to schedule their visits overnight. How many of them would be able to book their appointments online when your salon is closed and your staff can’t answer the phone? By offering online booking in your salon, you would be able to sell services 24/7. Also while you rest or enjoy your free time with friends or family.

4. Automatic Appointment Reminders

Every salon owner dreads no-shows. These are customers who forget their appointments or show up at the wrong date or time. This is when online booking comes in handy. When scheduling visits, customers need to provide contact details such as their phone numbers and email addresses. Before each appointment, the system will send them automatic email or text reminders, helping you to cut no-shows by up to 70%.Salon software programs offer automated texting services that make it easy to confirm appointments with clients. With automatic appointment reminders, you can avoid no-shows without having to call the customer. This reduces the number of no shows and allows you to have more business coming through the door.

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5. Increased Profitability

Most importantly, having an effective salon software in place at your business will increase profitability. Clients will be able to enjoy a quicker, easier booking process, which is bound to increase their overall satisfaction with your business. Additional tools, such as those that attract first time clients, and automated services that follow up with current clients, will ensure that clients continue coming back to your salon time and time again – that leads to more money in your pocket. What’s more, with easy to read automated performance reports, you can set goals and track your salon’s revenue on a weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or yearly basis.

6. Appointments via Facebook

Customers expect to find your salon online, whether it is through Google or social media. You also invest lots of time and energy to run your Facebook page while doing your best to engage your fans and gather positive reviews and likes. Facebook offers features that will increase your visibility on the Internet. For example, you can simply link the online booking software to your Facebook page. Now everyone who sees a haircut they like or learns about your new beauty treatment will be able to react instantly by clicking a button to book an appointment.

7. Prevent Double Bookings

Scheduling appointments might not be a complicated task, but it requires good planning. Think about online booking as an additional staff member who answers customer enquiries for you and lets you focus on attending your clients. No interruptions, no time wasted on never-ending phone calls, no hassle. Double bookings or poor planning can create problems, but fortunately, online booking systems are so advanced that they can handle complex schedules. Needless to say, your virtual receptionist thoroughly knows your offer, the duration of services and staff roster.

8. Security

If you have been keeping track of your salon’s information via pen and paper, or through a combination of Word documents and spreadsheets, your information is all over the place and can be easily lost. With salon software, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues. When you begin using the software to store your client information, product inventory, schedule, and sales records. You become better able to backup and save data. Because everything is stored in the “Cloud”, with a streamlined, central system, you have access to your data from any device, anywhere and anytime.


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9. Cut Costs With Salon Software

With all the features of salon software, you will save time and money on the tasks that you would otherwise be doing yourself. For example, payments are automatically registered so you will spend less time sorting out the accounts. Some advanced salon software will even provide a free website for your salon. That will also allow you to customize it with your logo, create a picture gallery, staff descriptions, the pricing list and customer reviews. You may also receive automatic notifications whenever a product is out of stock. You’ll need to maintain minimum stock levels while preparing to bring new items in and have to track any seasonal or temporary changes to purchases. You can better survey what’s moving off shelves. Or what you need to focus on ordering during your next round of purchasing. Which ensures that you never miss the next order.

Choosing the Salon Software

Now that you know its benefits, the only thing left to do is to choose the right salon software. Then your salon can enable online booking in no time. Apart from online booking, you’ll be increasing your efficiency, bettering your customer service methods, and staying on top of ordering products for your salon. It will give you a neat appointment book, detailed customer records, effective marketing tools, and a vast range of reports and statistics. Consider the fact that the return on investment will be more than worth it with AppointmenCare as your affordable online scheduling software. Sign up now for a 30 day free trial.