4 Tips for Improving the Client-Lawyer Relationship

Building a relationship with clients is an essential part of practicing law. Clients are far less likely to accept legal advice during critical points in the case by not trusting their attorneys, which can be the difference between winning and losing a trial.

That’s why it’s so important to build and maintain quality communication and trust with of your clients before, during and after their days in court. And if you want to improve your relationship with your clients, these four tips can help.

  1. Build Rapport

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When meeting with a client for an initial consultation, take the time to get to know your client. Let them speak about their life before the incident of the case. Let them get comfortable around you and share facts about what they do, their family or stories from their past.

Building rapport with clients makes it easier for them to accept your legal advice. It also gives you valuable background information about your client. Which isn’t included in their file but may prove to be useful later in the case.

  1. Be Informative and Transparent

One of your jobs as a lawyer is to inform and educate your client about the legal issues they are facing. The client might not have a law degree. But it is still important to explain the charges and be transparent about how you aim to defend them.

Use simple language to walk them through every step of the process, and make copies of every document for your client. If clients feel you are making an effort to help them better understand the case, it will signal to them that you have their best interest at heart.

  1. Flexible Billing

Billing is a major concern for both lawyers and clients. The average billing realization rate is 68% which means it’s not profitable either for attorneys or law firms. On the other hand, paying for services in full is usually a heavy financial burden on clients. Especially if they are already in a difficult financial situation.

Offering more flexible payment options to clients ensures you receive the full dollar value of the time invested in the case. Without overwhelming the client’s pocket. Going out of your way to provide clients with either delayed payments or fixed monthly rates makes you more compassionate and trustworthy in their eyes.

  1. Schedule the Next Meeting

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Tell the client when you will be meeting with them again. Clients always welcome the opportunity to meet with their attorneys and discuss the defense in detail. If you plan the meeting, it shows a level of commitment that gives the client something to hope and prepare for.

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