Customized Digital Platforms Emphasize Earnings During Covid 19

During this pandemic, essential and non- essential businesses need to find new ways to keep their business open and available to their community. As a result, entrepreneurs are contemplating new strategies to keep the health of their employees and their customers their top priority.  While the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout several countries, moving businesses to online platforms is becoming unavoidable to manage day to day operations.

With these new challenges ahead, entrepreneurs must undertake several fundamental steps to ensure a smooth transition to the virtual world. While most businesses already have an online presence with email addresses and social media accounts, other platforms such as online payments, scheduling and delivery services need to be developed to entertain this new avenue.

‘’ Explore a business continuity plan and think outside the box on how to transform your organization to continue generating income’’ says Oneil , a citizen from Ottawa, Ontario.

Online Platform – Scheduling:

Benefits of Scheduling

Introducing an online platform to provide alternatives for payment processing is essential to continue to operate. With an increased demand and cash being a potential virus carrier, customers are using online payments for their day to day expenses. Many have turned to platforms such as Paypal, Stripe and Square to support their local economy and to be able to provide an alternative payment method to their customers from the comfort of their homes.  In addition, new applications allow direct fund transfers and interbank services to provide customers among various other options to provide payment and invoicing.

Although, customers traffic may have decreased over the last few weeks, the value of the transaction has consequently greatly increased showing the importance of customer’s return. As the crisis progresses, customers will continue to face the pandemic’s repercussions and will most likely continue to use digital payment to obtain customized services.

Self-Service Tools:

Simplify Your Schedule

Among self-services tool available to the general public, automated scheduling is perceived as one of the customers favorites. While using the same philosophy, the increased customer service provided by automated follow ups and interaction increases customer gain and interest. This method provides the convenience of use and empowers customers by making their own choices and visualizing them.  During this pandemic, giving customers freedom provides them with a sense of comfort and familiarity that retroactively increases sales.

‘’ Always approach a customer with a personable interaction and that will turn them in a customer for life. Its experience over product and this pandemic doesn’t change that’’ says Stephanie Bell.

This online platform also provides an accommodating service and gives customers the ability to choose their services when they need them the most.  Whether between meetings, after a long day at work or simply when they think about it, this provides immediate access to any enterprise without having frustrating communication over emails, phone calls or face to face interactions. Not only easily customizable, this new application can be paired with other systems to provide adjoining tasks such as newsletters, surveys or follow-ups.

Minimize Virtual Demand:

With daily increase in virtual demand, it becomes hard for entrepreneurs to leverage the right balance in their business. With convenient and efficient automated scheduling, entrepreneurs increase their brand awareness and visibility to the general public to interact with a variety of potential customers.

Amid these unprecedented times, getting the maximum out of marketing is important. Doing more than less will provide visibility to your audience and retroactively facilitate engine search.

Constant Communication:

Customer Relations

Develop digital marketing strategies and establish your targeted audience. Join these groups and offer a lending hand. Business may be slower than usual, but this becomes an incredible opportunity to create contacts with new potential customers. Cather everything to speak directly to them and allow your customers to reply to keep communication flowing.

Even with increased communication, professionals can’t expect that customers will acknowledge all your efforts. To keep customers informed, use multiple platforms and combine them with emails and phone calls. Meanwhile, businesses will need to advertise changes to their procedures and how customers should expect to receive their goods, whether by curb side pick up or delivery. To further communication and engage your followers, let them know what your business is offering and create surveys to get feedback on services and goods you may want to add on in the future.

While this pandemic is revolutionizing the world, businesses must adapt to new trends with items such as delivery, virtual demand and e-commerce platforms. While an online presence is extremely important, a human connection is also a necessity to moving in the right direction.

Connect With Your Customers

‘’Don’t just sell your products, connect with your customers. Build affinity with them and provide them with the best customized experience. ‘’ says says Paul Gerardi, owner of Bedford Marketing.

All entrepreneurs are facing the same life changing measures but how we choose to face them varies from one person to another. The fight against Covid 19 is only beginning but with various tools at our disposition, businesses can adapt and continue to provide customers with a unique experience. Whether with online payments, marketing or automated scheduling, entrepreneurs can seek to develop their customer base and gain further connections with their current audience. With several changes lying ahead, it’s time for communities, states and countries to stand united.

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