After Hours Online Appointment Scheduling

When you’re considering changes in how you run your business, it’s usually a good idea to put on the customer hat. In other words, consider this change from a customer’s standpoint and ask yourself specific questions regarding the change.

Usually, you’ll consider whether this change would make your customers’ lives easier. Is it convenient? Does it meet their needs? Will it improve conversion? Those are all important questions, and they can apply to any change — from deciding on the services you offer, to implementing online scheduling.

When it comes to the latter, it doesn’t seem like a significant change. However, it can make a huge difference in how you run your business and the number of customers you have. One of the reasons lies in the customer’s ability to schedule an appointment after hours.

People Are Getting Busier

Simplify Your Schedule

Most businesses have the same hours, which can make it difficult to schedule an appointment over the phone. If you’re working 9-5, and you can’t make private phone calls while at work, scheduling an appointment becomes almost impossible.

Not only do people have more obligations and therefore, less time to make it to their appointments, but they also barely find time to schedule them. In those circumstances, they will look for businesses that make it possible for them to schedule.

What If You Can Schedule After Hours?

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Customers do not tend to look forward to having to wait for a business to open to schedule an appointment. With convenience ruling the market, businesses that can provide better options to them will thrive more and outperform their competitors.

Being able to schedule an appointment for the next day or next week, even when the business isn’t open, is one of those useful things customers crave. They can come home from work and use any device to book an appointment online.

Research shows that 40% of clients who use online booking schedule their appointment while the business is closed. That percentage is only going to grow as more people become aware of the convenience provided by online booking software.

The Convenience of Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling

Retaining clients and ensuring that they also refer new clients to you has a lot to do with the number of options and convenience you provide them. If you’re catering to a market that lives busy, technology-filled lives, it makes sense to go digital for every aspect of your business.

Compared to having to talk on the phone and work out the time that suits them, your clients will have a much better experience with online booking. If they value their time, they will appreciate you providing them an option that helps them save some of it.

As a business, you can profit from providing the convenience of after-hours online booking to your clients. And there’s no need to look far and wide for the perfect software — AppointmentCare has many great features that you’ll surely love. Sign up here for a free 30-day trial of our AppointmentCare online scheduling software.

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