Work Life Balance


Nothing is more important than the work-life balance of an entrepreneur. You power through your day without breaks and lunch on the go. Most entrepreneurs wear many hats and have a pile of commitments. Employees, managers, and small business owners face this dilemma every day. More than 40% admit to answering phone calls over family dinner.


How can you balance your schedule? You don’t have to revitalize your entire calendar by changing appointment times and hours. Often, we’re spending too much time on our phones, while an innovative scheduling app could shift your perspective. Get your lunch break back and prioritize your life outside of work!


Build a daily routine around your work life and manage everything from Appointment Care. Improve your work-life balance with a few quick changes.


Merge your calendar and to-do list

Simplify Your Schedule

While your appointments take a big part of your business, that’s not the core of your entire business. Overlooking your interactions, creating a reliable customer database, marketing, and ordering supplies are essential tasks to face your day-to-day. With Appointment Care, you can take that dreadful list and convert it to a calendar. With every task assigned to a specific time slot, check off your to-do list with a reasonable time frame.


Streamlining your day can be as simple as changing your routine. If you have a flexible work arrangement, try to create a schedule around traffic hours. There’s no one more efficient than someone that can start a day early. Prioritize your tasks and remove unnecessary meetings or activities in your schedule. Although you may want to do it all, it just isn’t possible.


Implementing a new routine isn’t perfectly balance your work and personal life on the first day. Outsourcing and scheduling in bulk may lighten your workload. You’ll need to continuously assess the demands of your business to adjust your schedule accordingly.


Limit Human Error

Reduce Scheduling Confusion

If you ever overbooked clients or booked a client during a day off, you’re aware of how much one mistake can be costly. You probably had to come in on your day out or make a tough choice between two customers.


Use Appointment Care to publicize your office hours, so customers worldwide are mindful and respectful of them. You can also book your downtime and personal time on your schedule to elaborate communication with your team. Your clients and co-workers may send you an email instead of harassing you with phone calls during your personal time.


Automate your schedule to only allow customers to book during available time slots. Assign resources to every type of service and avoid any misunderstandings with supplies. Protect yourself against recurrent no shows with appointment reminders and get truthful feedback with customer and employee surveys.


While the administrative tasks are taken care of, cut down the steps between booking and getting paid with our integrated payment platform.


Keep business and personal separate.

Simplify Your Schedule

Even with today’s technology, smartphones have limited ability. Personal and business contacts are often mixed, and it isn’t as convenient as it sounds.


Often, entrepreneurs can’t easily import their contact list because it’s mixed with contact numbers for the babysitter, close family members, and friends. Once we help you divide both worlds, your phone can start working the way it’s intended: a personal communication tool.


Avoid sending personal messages to business clients and let yourself breathe again. Having control over your database and schedule will help you plan around your more productive hours and leave your personal time for your loved ones.


Set realistic goals for your business without stretching yourself thin. If you set un-manageable goals for your business, you’re also putting your entire team for a work-life balance failure. You’re indirectly sending a message that you expect them to sacrifice their personal time to achieve professional goals. It’s not worth it.


Get to know your team and yourself outside of work to maintain the balance in your business.


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