AppointmentCare Multi Location Feature

It is Feature Friday again. We have had a lot of new features rolled out in the past few weeks but this one really is crucial for some of our customers. What has been nice to see is that as AppointmentCare has grown so have a lot of the business that use us. Some have grown to the point of opening a second or even more location! Our original features didn’t easily allow for a multiple location business. We are glad to announce that all that has changed. In our gold level plan we offer up to 3 locations and as with any of our plans we can adjust them to better suit your business needs and do in fact have some businesses with over 10 locations utilizing our system.

AppointmentCare Multi Location Feature

Details Of The New Gold Plan

Our gold plan is our base offering with multiple locations. You can now have 3 locations configured inside our system. Employees can be shared among locations and scheduled to work certain days at any of the locations if needed. With the added locations you can now manage up to 30 team members up from the 20 in our premium plan. Inside our system you can configure all the information about each location such as phone number, and address so that your customers can easily contact the right location with more details. This will also help you with your businesses SEO as having all your locations listed properly helps improve your local search results.

For Your Business

What does all of this mean for your business? Most importantly it means that AppointmentCare will continue to add the features that our customers need to help them succeed. It also means that your business can grow while using our tool. You don’t have to worry about any limitations of what AppointmentCare can do as your business grows. No matter how big or small your business is we will be able make your business a success.

Ideal Solution For Your Business

So far we have a variety of companies that have bee using our multiple location solution during our beta testing and the feedback has been very good. We have had 2 multiple location sales floors using AppointmentCare and have been able to manage over 10 locations and in one case over 80 sales professionals. In doing this we have a few new features on our product road map to further assist larger organizations in using AppointmentCare. We also had 2 salons and 1 dog groomer using multiple locations that provided vital feedback during our beta testing.

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