AppointmentCare Online Appintment Scheduling Software for Small Business Owners & Teams

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Helping Solopreneurs & Freelancers Save Time

Maximize the power of one by choosing a more time efficient method of scheduling appointments with your customers. Solopreneurs and freelancers choose AppointmentCare because it makes it easy for customers to book appointments online for their services.

Small Business Teams

Achieve Small Business Success

Reduce No-Shows and Grow Your Revenues! AppointmentCare helps small businesses with teams to decrease the number of missed appointments, effectively manage appointments for each team member from one central place, and improves visibility and customer satisfaction through professional communications with clients via reminder emails and SMS text messages.

Multi-Location Business

Multi-Location Scheduling At Your Fingertips

Need to manage customer appointments and staff resources for more than 1 location? We’ve got you covered! AppointmentCare allows you to have a comprehensive view of your business’ scheduled appointments – each location is set up individually and you set team members’ availability per location; allowing customers to seamlessly self-schedule at their location of choice.

Increase Customer Sales

More scheduled appointments = more opportunities

24/7 Accessibility = Happy Customers

Customers can self-schedule & manage appointments anytime, from any device.

Improve Business Operations

Gain control of your business at a glance – manage team schedules & customers info.

EASY as 1-2-3! Start Taking Online Appointments in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Ease Your Scheduling Stress

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