6 Metrics To Measure A Successful Email Campaign

Data-driven marketing is growing at a global level, with data at the base of any successful marketing decision or strategy. Email marketing is an incredible channel to reach new potential clients and also a great way to maximize existing client engagement. Measurement is the way to showing success. Therefore it is an essential requirement of the job role to measure success of a campaign. In this post, we are sharing 6 email marketing metrics you must be follow in order to measure campaign’s success.

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1. Open Rate (OR)

The open rate indicates the number of emails opened compared to the total amount delivered. A recipient can open the message multiple times, and consequently that email will have more “openings”. If the recipient does not download the images, openings cannot be detected.

The elements that affect opening rates most are the subject and preheader: carry out tests frequently and pay extreme attention when drafting interesting copy that arouses curiosity and urges recipients to open the message.

2. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This is the number of clicks on the links contained in an email message, divided by the number of emails delivered. If a good open rate is indicative of a good subject, the click-through rate is determined by the email’s content – images, copy and especially calls-to-action.

To improve this crucial email KPI, it is important to carry out frequent A/B tests on wording and the style of CTAs as well as on the content layout and images used.

3. List Growth Rate

Sometimes it happens that your email marketing efforts may annoy some of your subscribers. They may think that you are sending too many emails or they might have a change in behavior. If you notice that the rate of your unsubscribing is climbing, this may be the right time to evaluate the email messages you are sending and the distribution frequency. These are the two most common reasons people unsubscribe from your list. The only way to track is to track your unsubscribe rate and look into it when necessary.

4. Bounce Rate

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For any list you generate there are always going to potentially have problems. A user on your website may inadvertently enter the wrong email information. It is also possible that the person that originally registered is no longer with that company. They also may provide an invalid email to avoid getting further communications but register to access an ebook or feature you are offering. This is one reason we recommend to our clients to send a confirmation email for requests of ebooks or similar materials.

5. Email Sharing rate

This is often an overlooking metric. It shouldn’t be. This is because people sharing your content are doing two major things for you. Introducing other people to your content and they are key sales targets as the original sender identified them for you. The other reason is that based on your share rate you can determine topics that may be of interest beyond those readers that are already on your radar.

6. Return on Investment

Email is one of the methods of attracting customers with the highest ROI. It goes without saying that knowing how much it costs to generate the list and the shared content versus the incoming revenue is a key metric to know.

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