Appointment Scheduling and Food Trucks

Food trucks are fast becoming the go-to vendor for people with an active lifestyle. For some time now, these mobile restaurants have removed the stigma of “fast food” and instead offer great meals on the go. There are around 5,000 food trucks all across the U.S. with the value of the industry said to rise to almost 1 billion by 2020.

And success like that doesn’t come without innovation and investment. More and more food truck owners are looking to technology to improve their service and offerings. From sourcing local produce to online marketing, they have been quick to adopt technology and put it to good use in their businesses.

That’s where appointment scheduling comes in. It’s the latest piece of tech that is re-organizing how food trucks do business for higher speed, more sales, and higher customer satisfaction. If you’re a food truck owner, get appointment scheduling software and incorporate these five benefits into your business.

  1. Online Orders

The most significant advantage of appointment scheduling is customer mobility. People can go online and takeout food from anywhere and at any time. All they need to do is make an order, complete the payment, and pick up their meal once it’s ready. Without having to wait in line, it saves them time and improves the level of service in and around your food truck. And a faster service increases customer satisfaction to generate repeat business.

  1. Better Payment Management

Incorporating this type of software into your business means that your customers can make payments in and around your truck. The app can take payments and automatically calculates and includes tips and tax into the bill which makes checkout faster.

The software also gives customers a choice to pay with their favorite payment method, be it cash, card or online transfer. And with everything in one place, the system makes it easier for you to track sales.

  1. Mobile Point of Sales

An online scheduling app can be set up on any device. It gives everyone in your team their mobile sales point to speed up the takeout process. Your food truck will be able to take in more orders, which saves space in the kitchen and reduces the lines in front of the truck.

  1. Fewer Mistakes

Appointment scheduling improves the accuracy of service. By allowing everyone to have insight into what was ordered and when the customer is coming to pick it up, you will make fewer mistakes.

Improve Operational Efficiency

The app also notifies the staff and customer about an impending purchase. It ensures the meal is prepared on time and reduces the chance of no-shows.

  1. Recurring Visits

Appointment scheduling allows your regulars to make recurring daily or weekly orders automatically. The app remembers and stores all previous orders, so when customers want to order a favorite, it takes them only two taps. This feature is especially useful if you cater to companies who usually make large regular orders.

Time to Act

AppointmentCare is easy to set up and use. Online appointment scheduling software is ideal for food truck businesses on the go. It incorporates all of these benefits and more that help you make more sales by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Act now, and sign up for your 30-day free trial, or contact us for more information.


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