Salon Automated Appointment Helps Your Clients

Service experience is a dominant driving force behind customer satisfaction. It can turn a first-time client into a regular, or make them find another salon. And competition is fierce, and according to statistics, hair salons hold over 45 percent of the hair care market.

To remain on schedule with clients and ahead of competitors, you need to be on a constant lookout for improvements to your service offerings. A quick way to upgrade your offer right now is to enable clients to make appointments online.

By streamlining the whole booking process, you not only increase satisfaction, but you can drive more business your way. Once you realize this, you will know how setting appointments online can help both your client and your salon.

Speeds Up the Booking Process

Manage Your Time Salon

Usually, both you and your client would have to go back and forth over the phone to complete a booking; wasting each one’s time.

Online scheduling software enables clients to schedule an appointment by themselves. All they have to do is go to the appointment calendar, choose a date and time to complete the booking.

A Mutual Convenience

Self-service like this also makes it extremely convenient for clients to book an appointment even after working hours. Since the whole process is done online, a client can choose to schedule a visit to the salon at any point in the day.

Your advantage is with you saving time by not being directly involved in the booking process. You still can monitor the appointment calendar, but you also have a lot more resources at your disposal to focus on other things as well.

Improves Customer Satisfaction via Personalization

Online appointment managing platforms allow clients to choose the service, provider and features themselves. This personalization makes clients feel empowered and can even motivate them to pick an additional service or special offer you have.

Nurturing a business-client relationship based on the client’s needs turns clients into brand ambassadors. A satisfied client is far more likely to become a regular and refer your business to others.

Reduces the Number of No-Shows

A No Show

Cancellations are the number one way salons lose money, and it all comes down to a client forgetting their appointment. That’s why scheduling software usually comes equipped with a notification system.

After a client schedules an appointment, you receive a notification of their booking. As the date of the meeting draws near, both you and the client receive reminders. You can use the reminder to call for confirmation, and If a client decides to cancel you still have time left to fill that slot.

It Cuts Costs

When compared to a receptionist’s salary, automated scheduling software is extremely affordable. It’s also easy to use and maintain, so there are no additional costs except for the low monthly registration fee. At an annual level, this makes it a worthwhile investment.

Although this doesn’t directly impact clients, they too can feel the benefit of extra resources at your disposal. Without a receptionist area, you have room to add another workstation. On the other hand, you can also use the added financial boost to invest in additional services, which some clients have been asking you about.

Automation isn’t the end to all your problems, but it does save you a lot of time. Start a 30-day free trial and use it to drive more retail sales your way. Best of all, you’ll have a front-row seat as your business continues to move upwards.


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