How an Online Booking System Helps Accountants Increase Revenue and Client Retention

Having an accounting practice is busy work. There are clients to meet, financial records to take care of, and it can be challenging to run a lean operation for small teams when all the admin work is taken into account. On top of it all, there’s the constant chase after better revenue. As well as improving client retention, as one of the most efficient ways to grow a business.


To be able to dedicate your attention to doing client work, you need to shed some of the responsibility for admin operations such as handling appointments. Most businesses solve this issue by hiring an extra employee to take care of scheduling, but is that the only option?

Increase Productivity

As it turns out, it isn’t. There’s the option of implementing an online booking system instead — which, conveniently, is also what most clients prefer over phone scheduling. How can an online booking system help accountants increase revenue and client retention? Let’s have a look:


Online Booking Is What Clients Want


More often than not, clients of accountants are as busy as the accountants themselves. When faced with the prospect of spending time on hold on the phone to schedule an appointment, they tend to avoid it. In addition to that, when their schedules are almost full, and they only have a couple of time slots available per week, successfully scheduling an appointment can be a nightmare.


It is why most clients prefer to book an appointment online. They can quickly and instantly schedule an appointment in advance, at the time that works best for them. To avoid missing an appointment, the system can send them automatic reminders to prevent them from forgetting to show up.

An online booking system fixes the intrinsic weaknesses of phone scheduling, leading to increased client satisfaction and retention.


Ways in Which Online Booking Helps Increase Revenue

 Benefits of Scheduling

For accountants that run a lean practice, an online booking system can be a lifesaver. Other than increasing client satisfaction and retention which are both powerful ways of raising revenue, it also has other benefits.


Managing your appointments with software gives you more time to do what you do best. For every minute that you don’t have to spend scheduling appointments, you can handle client work. It all adds up until you’re able to squeeze in an extra meeting or two, which has a direct impact on your revenue.


What’s more, having an online booking system saves you a lot of scheduling costs. Instead of hiring an employee to take care of that workload for you, you’ll effectively be hiring the software. It will work for you 24/7 and ensure that your clients arrive timely, that their ease of scheduling is unmatched, and that they’ll come back for another appointment. And why wouldn’t they, when scheduling the first one was so easy?


Ready to Start Using an Online Booking System?


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