Appointment Scheduling and its Benefits for Salons

Technology has eased so many tasks and activities for all business sectors. Even the most tedious tasks that were once done manually can now be easily handled with the click of a button. One such task is the online scheduling of appointments that has proven to be valuable. Particularly for the service industry. Salon owners can have their their business management  simplified. By being flexible to changing technology and accepting to make use of the online scheduling of appointments for their clients.

Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits that online scheduling has offered to salon owners:

Making a lasting first impression

Scheduling an appointment with your salon will be the first ever task that any new customer will make with your salon. Make sure your web page is engaging enough and user friendly at the same time to attract potential customers. An online booking service providing salon will be of great convenience for customers. Because they will easily be able to check without visiting your salon to see if there is any slot for the service they would like to get done. This will save their time and disappointment in case if they show up and then find out that there is no slot available on that particular day. Offering a convenient service with an attractive layout and user friendly interface will leave a lasting impression on your customers, making room for client loyalty and engagement.

Saving Time

Prevents Duplicate or Double Bookings

Your staff will be able to focus on other, more productive tasks rather than scheduling appointments all day long. Fewer phone calls, reduced number of voice mails to respond to. Even if there are any voice mails you will simply be able to guide them to your online appointment booking software.

24/7 Accessibility to Your Schedule –

Book Appointments 24/7

Salon owners will now be able to check and review their upcoming appointments and schedules for the coming days or even weeks easily through this software whenever they wish to, no matter where they are. This 24/7 accessibility feature can be made even more feasible if an application is developed for the same online scheduling software which can then be easily accessible from smart phones, tablets etc. as well.

Automated Reminders –

Another useful feature with the online scheduling software is the ability to send automated reminders to customers about their appointments scheduled however salon owners prefer (one day before, an hour before, etc.). These reminders will aid in reducing the number of no shows at the appointments and will save the salon’s as well as your staff’s time as well.

Always Available to Clients

Manage Your Time Salon

The fact that your customers will be able to easily access your web page on weekends, late nights. Whenever they wish to and from anywhere in the world will give them the feeling that your salon is so thoughtful about their convenience.

Reaching a Mass Audience through Social Media

The best part about having any service online is that you can reach a mass audience. All by linking it to all your social media platforms. Every salon owner definitely has a Facebook page.


Dealing with manually kept registers filled with important appointments dates and client information can be a hassle. The online scheduling software is safe in the sense that soft copies can always be backed up on a secure cloud server without the risk of them being lost at all. Salon owners can now safely store all their clientele information, transactions, appointments etc. on a safe account online.

Reduced Costs

As mentioned earlier, all the information will now be stored online. Bookings will be made online and transaction history saved online as well. There will be no need to spend on manuals and registers. Now that this cost is gone, you will need fewer phone operators handling bookings on calls as well.

Keeping a Check on Duplicate Appointments –

It is easier to check for duplicate documents and client information when it’s stored online. Searching for any client’s name and appointment information becomes much easier as well. This would be useful when salon owners would want to take care of double booking issues.

Given the benefits listed above, there is no reason to believe that an online scheduling system improves productivity and overall work efficiency. Salon owners must be flexible enough to adapt. Implementing an online scheduling system and staying one step ahead of their competitors.

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