Tips for Using Appointment Scheduling Tools Successfully

In an age where an increasing number of people conduct their business online, businesses that don’t offer online appointment scheduling will fall behind. Surveys have shown that 28% of people expect local businesses to provide online appointment booking, and an additional 33% think it sets local businesses apart.

However, to stand out from your competition, it is not enough to implement the most basic functions of the first appointment scheduling tool you can find. There are several things you should keep in mind if you want to harness the power of online appointment scheduling successfully:

Find the Right Appointment Scheduling Tool

Benefits of Scheduling

Different businesses have different needs. It is important to find the scheduling tool with features that will work for you. One feature that’s frequently overlooked is mobile functionality. With so many users preferring mobile while they’re on the go, businesses can’t afford to neglect mobile anymore.

Google knows this, which is why they’re putting more emphasis on mobile browsing. If you want to take a page out of their book, it is important to use an online scheduling tool that works well and looks good when accessed through a mobile device.

Make Booking Flexible for Your Clients and Painless for You


The Value of Regular Customers and Recurring Appointments

One of the reasons why customers prefer online appointment booking is because it allows them to book outside of business hours, quickly reschedule, or even cancel their appointments without having to spend time on the phone.

AppointmentCare makes it all work painlessly for your business by preventing customers from signing up for your service at the last minute and allowing you to set up buffer time in between appointments, thereby eliminating unwanted surprises.

Send Automated Texts to Customers before Appointments

Automatic SMS Reminders

Automated emails are a great way to remind clients and staff of appointments well ahead of time. For added security, it is important also to set up automated text reminders.

Most people look at texts in real time, which is particularly useful when a change to an appointment is made. Moreover, if your business caters to Millennials, it is important to remember that 55% of them think text messages are the most convenient way to be reminded of appointments.

Use the Data to Gain a Marketing Edge over Your Competitors

Online scheduling tools seamlessly gather data about your most popular services and the most requested time slots. They also make it easier to look at the weaker points of your offer and plan to improve upon them. As you use an online scheduling tool consistently for a more extended period it is easier to spot trends. You will be able to see your business slowing down and picking up in real time.

You could fill your commonly empty time slots by offering special discounts. As well as marketing your least popular services more successfully by discounting them. Furthermore, you could create special packages to sell them alongside your more requested services.

If you want to see some of the benefits that online scheduling can have on your business, sign up here for a free 30-day trial of AppointmentCare online appointment scheduling software.


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