Appointment Schedulers are the new normal

When your business relies on customer and client appointments, you need to ensure that the booking process is always available. Using an appointment scheduler is an excellent way to ensure sessions are available and quickly bookable.

Unfortunately, appointments are often overlooked. With companies trying to focus on outreach and new regulations during this pandemic, important tasks can fall through the cracks. What a shame! An inaccessible booking platform can wreck a fantastic advertising campaign in a matter of minutes.

Appointment Scheduling During a Pandemic

An online appointment scheduler like AppointmentCare is amongst the best business tools to have at your company’s disposal. Here are the five essential benefits behind including an online scheduler for your business.

  1. Simplify your day to day activity

Manage Your Time Salon

Appointment Care’s most significant benefit is that the traditional booking method is slow, cumbersome, and costly. Typically, a customer has to call an office to book a time slot. It often means that there’s a time restriction, a need for extra staff, and the possibility of miscommunication.

During this pandemic, you want your potential customers to be able to contact you when they need it the most, not necessarily during your opening hours. Benefit from an automated booking system and leave these hefty administrative tasks behind.

  1. Online patients scheduling helps fill gaps.

During these difficult times, cancellations are on the rise with possible Covid 19 exposure. Perhaps, you’ve even changed your cancellations policies and waved no-show fees. Online patient scheduling can help keep your schedule full.

It allows patients to see you sooner due to last-minute cancellations or check your schedule for last-minute availabilities. As a bonus, it can include emails to announce openings and extended hours.

At first sight, it may seem counterintuitive, but it saves the user a bunch of time. Appointment Care allows customers to access your services efficiently and at their paste.

  1. Avoid overbooking

Reduce No Shows

Have you ever dealt with two customers showing up at the same time? Now, imagine this scenario during a pandemic. These days you may require more downtime between each customer, which can easily lead to a panic.

Avoid the hassle and create a schedule for every employee, and pre-establish their availabilities. Manage the turn over time between each customer and insert lunch breaks in each calendar. The risk of dealing with a stressed out, rude or distracted employee is eliminated!

  1. Valuable insights on your business

Accelerate Your Sales Strategy

Are you trying to manage the new regulations initiated by the government? It’s overwhelming. Regardless of how much time you have on your hands, the detailed reporting made available from online schedulers will help you save time and gear your efforts in the right direction.

– The number of no shows per week or month

– Number of completed appointments by staff

– Appointment history for a customer

– Types of appointments

You can run daily or periodic reports to support regular or long term strategic goals. This tool can lead your organization to pivot as your customers need pivot in this consistently adapting era.

  1. Marketing made easy

Advertising and marketing are moving to an online platform rapidly. More people are consuming the web, and thus an effective marketing strategy is no longer a luxury. It’s a must-have.


Online schedulers simplify this process and get you right to the source. Having a scheduling link gives potential customers a direct destination when they engage with your social media accounts. Instead of an outdated Facebook page, you’re leading your customers on the fast track to booking your services.

With AppointmentCare, you can boost your business efficiency, save time and money, and better serve your customers. If you’re still performing your business the manual way, it’s high time to change. Appointment Care, business appointment scheduler, and management software will boost your reputation, increase your visibility, and help you stay on top!


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