Appointment Care Group Events & Networking

During a group event, meeting the right people makes all the difference.

Increase engagement between customers, employees, sponsors, and prospects and allow them to benefit from powerful connections to one another.


AppointmentCare is a flexible tool that allows you to create a group of participants with the same interests. You can control what these participants see and how they wish to interact with your team. By using pre-booked appointments on your platform, you can ensure that your customers benefit from the rightful connections and foster new relationships.


Facilitate networking

Scheduling Made Easy

Your customers and potential prospects want to share, talk, and meet like minded individuals during your events. Whether they have a special connection to a host or wish to collaborate with individual participants, Appointment Care lets your attendees build their profile and set other meetings with a group. They can also join events with members that share mutual interests to form valuable connections. Your business opportunities are built around a community with goals and foresight; give them the tools to capture every impactful interaction.


Prepare service providers and hosts for essential discussions

Dont spend Time

Customers often meet specific members within your organization, such as product experts, service providers, or account manager. Increase your sales from your events by setting up appointments between your customers and your host. You may also add descriptions and reminders to your group functions to address your customer’s needs.

Generate a positive return and seek feedback with an SMS or email notification with the click of a button. Capture your event’s essence and visualize what your customers enjoyed and what needs improvement.


Managing staff schedule

Improve Operational Efficiency

Coordinating your staff for a big event is challenging and time-consuming. Simplify your employee’s schedule by addressing where they need to be, which resources are available, and their individual assignments. You’ll quickly manage the workflow of your employees and handle any last-minute changes with Appointment Care.

This platform easily interacts with Zoom. Engage your listeners during your event, let them meet each other, and interact over your content in real-time. Whether you are performing a physical, hybrid, or virtual event, keep your staff and employees updated.


The power of a virtual interface

Appointment Care is an essential tool for daily business management. Create a seamless experience for your business and your attendees while keeping an eye on your operations. Gain incredible insights on performance and focus on what’s truly important! All of these features and more can help your business grow faster.

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