Preparing Your Salon To A New Normal

In most countries, the lockdown is altering how businesses interact and operate daily. With lockdowns slowing down sanitary measures, small businesses such as salons and spas must consider alternatives before opening their doors.

With the severity of the pandemic, preparing to open your business to the masses is more than just necessary cleaning and regular operating hours. Today, it’s all about managing staff, social distancing, and managing a continuous flow of customers. Safety and health remain the primary concern!


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Beyond sanitization, disinfection, and cleaning, Appointment Care can help your business follow government regulations and facilitate the adaptation. Since there’s a limitation of people that can occupy your facilities at a time, you’ll need to get creative with your scheduling.

In several industries, the 2m rule can’t apply. Communication with customers and staff members becomes crucial to your daily operations.

Implement a scheduler ad management software to manage the influx of clients and differentiate various schedules. Perhaps, some clientele prefers morning appointments, and others may choose evening slots.

With Appointment Care, you can extend your work hours to accommodate a constant workflow and initiate a schedule associated with each employee. You can also limit the use of resources. An automatized system keeps track of sanitization without overloading your team members.

It also becomes an opportunity to comfort your customers before booking. Outline your sanitary measures before their appointment and send friendly reminders. Don’t let your chance to communicate with your customer getaway!


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Naturally, with a prolonged closure, your business may not be able to keep up. You can lengthen certain business days or open seven days a week. These changes can be sent by SMS or email automatically to keep your clientele in the know.

When it comes to bookings, consider adding a break to each appointment to allow for proper cleaning and disinfection. Automize these breaks in your system to avoid overbooking. In the case of group events of multi-person assignments, Appointment Care can work out plans to help your staff prepare for bigger groups. Customize each event and keep a detailed history at hand.


While your goal as a salon or spa owner is to have a solid repetitive clientele, walk-in appointments are a huge opportunity to generate more revenue. Empty seats are a loss of income, and this is when walk-ins kick in.

It’s essential to set aside a time slot for walk-ins in your schedule. By reviewing reports and analytics, you can assess busy times and block off appropriate spaces to generate additional revenue.


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Another essential feature to consider when re-opening is your ability to generate sales. That way, customers can make the appointment themselves and fill in last minute openings.

Accurate and in-depth records of each customer serve a purpose. An online scheduler enables you to leave notes after service and help your employees remember their needs. What’s great about this system is customers are more likely to update their contact details or describe their conditions with online booking. All this can happen without being open for business!

It gives the ability to review your schedule from anywhere and accept and decline appointments even from your smartphone. This process can optimize customer loyalty while limiting physical interaction.

Don’t want to take online bookings? Appointment Care provides requests for appointments instead.


The secret to your business success is happy, loyal, and healthy customers. Learn to create an optimized schedule and reduce overbooking, overwhelmed employees, and frustrated customers with Appointment Care.

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