Success Steps for Running A Counseling Business

Most counseling professionals feel that private practice is becoming a more viable career choice. Running a private counseling business is so appealing to many for a number of reasons that are achievable over time… as long as you put in the hard work!

3 Ingredients to Running a Successful Counseling Business:

  1. Know your numbers – Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling Made Easy

As a private practice counselor, it’s a necessity to have your own Appointment Scheduling Software, where clients can easily make an appointment.

  • Allows clients and potential clients appointments
  • Appointment scheduling software makes it easy to schedule, track, and manage your appointments in a clinic or private practice setting
  • A higher conversion rate through reducing no-shows by sending automatic reminders via email and SMS/text before an appointment
  • Track the success rate of all appointments
  • Increase revenue due to the ease of scheduling sessions by clients
  • Increase your client retention with effective communication
  1. Business strategy – What do clients want help with?

Customer Engagement

By asking questions such as, what do they like, what do they dislike, what do they need, etc. you get to the idea of what is going on with the client. Having correct data is extremely important to make decisions about your business. It’s the one way you can validate what is working and what is not working.

 What’s one of the biggest mistakes made in marketing a counseling practice?

  1. Selling to rather than serving the client
  2. Underestimating the time it takes to market your practice


  1. Create a plan and execute for growth – Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business

It’s important to have a system, a set of procedures you do repetitively to provide a consistent result, in place for any business. Success isn’t always about marketing, it’s also about setting up systems. The more systems you have for your business, the more amazing results your clients will get with a great level of service. Make sure your website is optimized for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Having great SEO is so that your client can easily find you when searching the web. If you have a website with good SEO, eventually your site will make its way to the first page of the search vs. being buried at the back pages. This becomes the plan and then things start to fall into place.

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