Document Management with Appointment Care

Whether you’re coordinating your time or juggling your entire team’s availability, Appointment Care supports all your business needs.

For many businesses, an online schedule is necessary for business growth. Especially in a continually advancing market. Also if you plan to continue growing your business, investing in an online scheduling platform is an essential tool to achieve your goals.


Simplify your planning

Simplify Your Schedule

Many online scheduling platforms come with advanced scheduling options to operate your business daily. With Appointment Care, we go one step further by storing and sharing electronic documents with your customers. With these features and more your business will thrive. Centralize all your files and share information about essential discussion points. Eliminate conflicts and keep your team on the same page.

Searching and retrieving documents can be very time-consuming. As an entrepreneur, we know that every moment is money spent.  Professionals spend 5 to 15% of their time reading information while 50% of their time is merely looking for it.

Our document management integration is a powerful time-saving tool. It enables easier integration to allow your time and customers to access critical information, whether in person or remotely. Have a complete record of data for every customer at your fingertips anywhere: store pictures, contracts, files, and invoices to recall each customer profile with detail. Reduce administrative tasks and focus on your business!


Customer filing and security

Manage Your Clients

Document security is essential for a business of any size to keep your customer’s data protected. As your company grows, record storage becomes a more significant concern, and without the proper system, you risk losing essential records.

Our secure online portal eliminates the need for physical storage lockers or to have endless email threads. It also maintains quick access to service records for each customer and service location to take control of your business. Centrally stored, documents are less likely to be lost or misplaced.  It also makes accidental deletions a thing of the past and restores your data from our automated backups.


Storing documents online replenishes a security gap that many entrepreneurs overlook. Even hard drives break down from time to time, and the lack of file back ups may lead to a permanent loss.  Backups are one of the primary tools to ensure workflow and the quality of your customer service.  Be prepared in case of fires, flood, or even carelessness. Spend more time with your customers instead of in front of your computer with Appointment Care.


Minimize your paperwork

Simplify Your Schedule

Paperwork can often become overwhelming for you as an entrepreneur but also cumbersome for your staff and clients. By automating your workflow, let your team focus on the work at hand and save time on repetitive tasks.

Break down larger projects into manageable milestones, include due dates, and assign them directly to your team scheduler. Keep all your data in one space, and all you might need is a bit of maintenance once you’ve entered all your data. Also files are shared by customers or team members with a file capacity of up to 5MB.

Getting your life digitally organized can be daunting, whether from a lack of confidence or the idea of creating a new filing system. Yet, the biggest challenge is juggling several resources to access your information. Our online storage solution can become the solution that provides your organization and accessibility. Our platform is fully accessible and helps you always meet your business’s changing needs.

Streamline your documents and require form completion, signatures, and other information before booking. Also use the platform to post messages, upload other vital documents and ensure ongoing communication with your surroundings. Information sharing and collaboration become simpler and allow for a better overall team workflow.

Time is valuable, and Appointment Care helps your business appreciate the luxury of time. Faster and more efficient document retrieval increases productivity, morale, and client satisfaction. Take the initiative and start improving your business processes today!


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