How to manage your service-based business during a pandemic

Your business revolves around customer relationships. You may feel that the government is putting a halt to your business, and you’re suddenly feeling financial hardship. Whether you’re running a doctor’s office, an insurance company, a convenience store, or other location, we’ve got the right tools to keep you going.

Communicating with your customers during these challenging times is incredibly important. Let them know how you are doing and demand feedback on how you can help them in return. Here’s a few ways to keep a steady flow of communication going:



Set your new operating hours for each business location. Let your customers know when you have reduced hours or when you are closed. Perhaps you’re facing a staff shortage one day, make sure to let them know through social media!

You can adjust your availability and for every staff in your staff calendars on Appointment Care. With an array of features to help you simplify your schedule, you will see your business grow during there turbulent times. You can also prevent miscommunication and overbooking with these simple steps.

Simplify Your Schedule


If you’re making changes to your business model, offering or discontinuing new services, make sure you post these changes on social media. Also, update your services and their descriptions on Appointment Care, so your customers know which services are available.

Through this online platform, you can add Covid-19 specific updates sent regularly to your clientele base.



If you’re selling products, you can give your customers some flexibility and keep your employees safe. Provide your customers with time slots to pick up their merchandise and add this service to your online platform for everyone to see! Your customers can easily book their pick-up through your platform.

Continue to meet with your customers through video conferencing with platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and more.



Reduce Scheduling Confusion

Group events may require more planning than it has before. Differentiate single person appointments from group events.  Group events are scheduled ahead of time in your calendar, which can accommodate classes, exercise groups, and more. Appointment Care lets you create detailed events with images, hyperlinks, and files to organize your business better.

If you can service more than one client at once, you can select slots for multi-person appointments. It is commonly used for non-scheduled assignments that can handle more than one customer at a time. For example, a teacher that can provide their services for several students.

Benefit from this application to capture the most of your audience at once.



With prolonged workforce closure, in-person activities have decreased significantly.  It’s the time to manage regular checkups that may haven’t be done or forgotten in some time. That includes team management, employee training, recruiting, and hiring.

A strong virtual presence is essential and crucial to get feedback from your surroundings continually. Also re-arrange your schedule, clarify expectations, and rethink how you manage performance. The goal is to maintain employee and customer engagement.

Accept payment through Appointment Care, send surveys after service completion, and combine this platform with other online services to benefit from comprehensive customer service.

The crisis requires leaders to assess, adapt, and act. Recovering from this crisis will require balancing financial and operational constraints. Take the lead and pivot to the new reality characterized by remote work, live streaming, online schedulers, and increased technology use.


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