Accept Bookings and Payments with Appointment Care in 2021

Your time is valuable!

How much does a no-show cost you? Are you worn out of losing potential business to hold appointments when customers do not show up? Stop burning no shows and keep a stable workflow.

Perhaps you haven’t had any problems so far with no-shows? With payment processing, you can ease the payment processing system for your customers. There’s no need for your customers to move to a physical location to pay for your services. Also the platform is available from the comfort of your home. Also help your business focus on high-quality services and make customer service a priority.

Are you currently depending on 2-3 sources to manage your finances?  Shuffling between 2 or 3 applications is time-consuming and somewhat overwhelming. Benefit from hassle-free payments that benefit you and your customers. Decrease your customer waiting time and keep your records safe with Appointment Care.

Appointment Care will tie your transaction to service to carefully examine which of your customers paid their dues, generate spreadsheets, and benefit accounting purposes. Add taxes, discounts, and refunds as needed.

Stripe and AppointmentCare

get booked

We partnered with Stripe to make scheduling and payment processing easier. Let your customers pay for their service during their initial visit to limit the loss of potential customers. Manage your cash inflow and print out bills at your convenience. Want to review the transactions of the last quarter? Export and download a report of a specified time frame.

Take payment from your booking page or appointment platform. Switch seamlessly between your laptop and mobile phone to review appointments and payment data. You can even request deposits for your online services and classes. You can also market service add-ons or related products on the platform along with gift cards.

Accept diversity of credit card types and benefit from the highest security systems. Payments are instantly deposited into your account with a confirmation of payment for both your business and your customers.

Whether you require payment immediately upon booking, deposits, or take charge later, display your prices for resources and services. Forget endless invoicing and logging every transaction. Get paid directly with Stripe and let Appointment Care take care of your business.

Prevents Duplicate or Double Bookings


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