Ease Your Scheduling Stress: 6 Reasons for Online Appointment Scheduling Software


1. New Customers Seek Out Online Appointment Scheduling:

In today’s digital society, your customers have come to expect easy scheduling to secure services from a business. Think about it! People buy movie, airline, concert, festival, and event tickets online, and commonly book hotel and restaurant reservations online. — So, it’s pretty clear that they would expect for your business to offer only appointment scheduling as well. Learn more about how our AppointmentCare online software can help your business give your customers what they want.

2. Get A Competitive Edge – Improve Customer’s Perception of Your Business:

A national consumer survey found the majority of consumers say that having the ability to book appointments online is a factor that is either expected or is what

 helps to set the business apart in their perspective. If your business is not already offering customers the ability to book appointments online with your business, then there’s a pretty high probability that you are losing out on customers that are going to your competitors’ website to book appointments.

3. 24/7 Online Accessibility Provides Convenience for Customers:

Did you know that 80% of people use search engines to find businesses, according to a Google survey? Furthermore, millions of consumers desire to book an activity right away when they are searching online. Providing customers accessibility 24 hours a day online makes it easy for new and existing customers to schedule appointments at their convenience.


According to a national consumer survey by Yodle, 60% of online bookings are made during business hours and the remaining 40% are made after business hours. With this data in mind, one could safely assume that if a business doesn’t offer the ability for online appointment scheduling, then they are losing out on potential revenues.

4. Increase Staff Productivity & Empower Customer Self-Scheduling:

The old-fashioned way of a paper-based, appointment book is found by many business owners to be ineffective and inadequate for them and their staff. If someone reaches out to a member of your team directly on their cell phone while the staff member is out of the office, what are the odds that the staff member would remember to write it down the paper-based appointment book when they return to work the next day. Further, how you be sure that the customer put the appointment in their personal calendar on their end.

Online appointment scheduling software enables your team to spend more time on essential tasks related to the delivery of service to your customers onsite, and allows them to empower customer seeking appointments to do self-scheduling online – any time of the day. Your customers want to be able to schedule an appointment on their own time, so give them wan they want.

5. Remove Time Delay and Make Scheduling Easy:

We all know that time equals money in business. The multiple back and forth email and phone calls between you and a customer to schedule an appointment can be time consuming, add their is always a cost tied to time spent on a task. By using online scheduling software for your business, new and existing customers can schedule appointments quickly and easily with ZERO resistance from any device. AppointmentCare was designed to be the world’s easiest to use scheduling product. There is no software to install, and getting started only takes a few minutes. Try our FREE demo today!

6. Reduce Number of Missed / No-Show Appointments:

Would you like to decrease the percentage of no-show appointments for your business so that you don’t incur loss of revenue? Do you wish you could have an automatic way to remind customers of their scheduled appointments versus your staff having to try to remember to call each customers? As a leading appointment scheduling tool, AppointmentCare automatically sends your customers appointment notifications at the time of booking and reminders via email and text. Pre-appointment reminders are a great way to reduce no-show appointments. Additionally, our appointment notifications sync with Google or Outlook Calendar which inserts the appointment right on the customer’s personal calendar.


AppointmentCare is an easy-to-use, comprehensive online appointment scheduling software that offers many features that offer many advantages for business. There is no software to install,and you can get started taking appointments in as easy as 5 minutes. Learn more and get started today!