Using Automated Appointment Scheduling for MLM Sales

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is all about reaching out to prospects. Setting up an appointment and moving them towards a favorable sales decision. But in general, people will look to avoid this. So it’s crucial to use tactics that make them commit and keep their word.

One way to generate more success with MLM prospecting is to use automated appointment scheduling software in combination with tried and tested tactics. So, if you’re looking to increase sales, here’s how automated appointments can help you reach your goals and grow your business.

#1: Setting up three-way calls

Using your upline for three-way calls is a great way to build credibility to yourself and give validity to the product or service you are selling. But for it to work, you have to provide background information about the prospect. Not to mention schedule a call when it works for all three parties involved.

It is where appointment scheduling software comes in handy. If you allow prospects to self-schedule their call with you online, you can refer the entire schedule to your list of leaders. So, when you have to make a three-way call, you already have someone from your upline in line to help you.

#2: Preparing a presentation

A significant problem for MLM sales reps is they need to work with more prospects at the same time. Usually, this requires some form of automation, either recording the presentation or inviting people to a live event.

Automated appointment booking can help you here. When sending a recorded presentation to directly via email, leaving a link to your online booking app enables you to create a follow-up schedule with prospects.

On the other hand, automated scheduling allows you to invite people to a live event. As well as helping you know what kind of crowd to expect. Once again, you can also use it to invite someone from your upline.

#3: Personalize the presentation

It’s easy to think that a presentation on its own can close a sale. But, prospects don’t think like that, and neither should you.

Instead, personalize your message for each client. Use the information they give you when booking an appointment online to find out why they might be interested in the product or service. Or if they have any significant pain points your company might solve.

#4: Tie down potential leads

People in MLM sales usually don’t tie down their appointments to a specific time, and end up without any feedback from the prospect or they remain undecided and promise to call you back. In reality, they rarely do.

So, if you’re sending out an email to a large group of people make sure to embed a link to the calendar on your appointment scheduling app. The prospect can then easily schedule an appointment when it best suits them, and you.

If you provide them with specific time slots in your schedule, they are more likely to commit to calling or meeting. It also gives you a chance to follow up and confirm the time, and tie them down even more.

Automate Email Reminders

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