How Appointment Scheduling Improves Customer Loyalty at Your Salon

Nurturing customer loyalty is critical in the beauty and wellness industry. As salons offer an ongoing service to their clients, retaining them and doing repeat business is more important than gaining new clients. But increasing customer loyalty means working to improve the customer experience. One of the best ways to do it is by using appointment scheduling. Here’s why.

It’s Convenient for Clients

Customer Loyalty Salon

Traditionally a client would have to call up the salon during working hours, check available time slots, and book appointments manually. And since clients are busy during the day with work, they can either schedule appointments during lunch or after work, which is very inconvenient.

Online appointment scheduling solves this problem by allowing clients to schedule their appointment 24/7. All they need to do is log into their profile, choose a date, and make the reservation where and when it suits them.

Additionally, they can do this from their mobile device, which makes it even more convenient. Plus, most appointment scheduling apps retain client information about previous treatments. So the client can usually use the auto-fill option to complete the booking in seconds.

Minimizing Wait Time

Prevents Duplicate or Double Bookings

When salons don’t provide self-scheduling, some clients choose to arrive directly at the salon without an appointment. If this happens, workers can either refuse the client or squeeze them into the schedule which can increase the wait time for others. And both situations are bad for business.

Online scheduling allows clients to manage appointments by themselves. They can log into their account and check available slots for an entire month. If they make a reservation, they can arrive at the salon at precisely the right time and get serviced within minutes of their arrival.

Helps Clients Keep to Appointments

An empty time slot is an expense many salons cannot afford. With online appointment scheduling, salons lower the risk of ad hoc cancellations and “no-shows.” It is because email or text message notifications remind clients about their appointment. And if something prevents the client from keeping the meeting, they can cancel promptly without the fear of being banned at the salon.

A Personalized Experience

Automated appointment scheduling gives clients the opportunity to customize their appointments. A client can choose the date and time, their stylist, payment method and even what products they want to use. And all of the information is stored in one place accessible to the salon.

Salons can use this information to gain greater insight into client behavior and preferences. It allows salons to create highly personalized and even tailor-made offers for each client. In turn, this can take their experience to another level and increase customer retention, as salons prepare individual treatments or source specific care products according to client demand.

It’s Easier to Create Loyalty Rewards

Happy Customers

In addition to a personalized experience, salons can use client information to reward customer loyalty. Loyalty programs are known to increase retention and can even incentivize existing customers to buy more services or products from the salon.

For example, if you know that a client loves one specific brand of shampoo, you give them an entire hair care gift basket as a reward for their tenth visit. On the other hand, it’s also easier to create giveaways or discount offers. Since you know what the most sought-after services among your clients are.

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