The Value of Regular Customers and Recurring Appointments

Many a business expert will always tell you that the best customer is a returning customer. There’s a lot of research on the subject, a lot of talking, and we are going to analyze it all for you to adequately explain the value of having regular clients and recurring appointments.

Regular Customers Spend More Money

Reach Your Sales Goals

Money is always the primary thing in business. The main reason for the ongoing cash flow is with regular customers. According to research, returning customers spend a whopping 67% more than new customers.

That’s a tremendous difference for businesses to focus a large part of their effort on keeping existing customers or clients.

The numbers play a significant role in why companies spend a lot in ensuring they provide excellent customer service. Similarly, it’s important to keep them happy and satisfied as that will keep them coming back and spending more money.

Regular Customers Are More Convenient

A regular customer is easier to deal with as you can build a relationship with them. You don’t have to keep finding ways to attract them to your business again. You only need to keep on providing what they like and keep the relationship strong between you.

By having a good base of regular customers, you can spend less time on attracting new customers who are not always easy to get. You will have to pay a lot of time and effort to do that, and you will have to do it continuously.

Regular Customers Allow You to Invest More in Marketing

Simplify Your Schedule

The most important benefit of having regular customers is that it builds a stable income, which allows you to plan. One of the ways of forecasting to grow your business is by investing money in marketing and providing new and promotional content.

You’ll be able to keep the customers you have and still be able to work on attracting new ones which you can later turn into regular customers.

Get Customers to Make Recurring Appointments

In addition to having excellent service, satisfying the needs of your customers, and creating lasting relationships with them, there’s one more way of building and maintaining your customer base.

We are of course talking about online appointment scheduling. This method allows for:

  • A faster and smoother experience for the customer.
  • A much lower amount of errors with missed appointments, and more. All because a good scheduling tool like the one AppointmentCare makes has features like reminders for both the business and the customer. It also keeps all appointments in one place and can never make duplicate or overlapping appointments.
  • Customer empowerment in the sense that the customer can choose what works for them, the date, time, and the exact service they’ll be getting.
  • A feature allows for making automatic recurring appointments. It is the most crucial aspect of gaining regular customers. AppointmentCare software provides for the creation of a series of future appointments regularly. Which prompts the customer to keep coming back. All because they don’t have to remember to make more appointments on their own – the system makes them instead and reminds the customer when the time comes.

As you can see, there’s great value in having regular customers, and if you want to prompt your customers to keep on coming back, sign up for a free trial of our scheduling software!


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