New AppointmentCare User Interface

AppointmentCare has been busy during this Pandemic to get new features ready for our clients. This is a great time to position your business for growth when the economy fully opens up. We are doing all that we can to help you regain any lost business when that happens. In order to do that we needed to update our user interface and make improvements in our software to offer our existing and new clients an improved user experience.

User Interface

The new user interface was needed to clean up navigation between different sections and to allow for new features to be added quicker for our clients. Most of the sections remain the same as you can see from the images below. But some sections and links were more intuitively moved to help in navigation and to better align with how our clients use AppointmentCare. What this means for existing clients is that it should take fewer clicks to get to the pages they need.

We listened to our clients and how they want things set up. We also analyzed all the data to find out how our clients interact with our website. AppointmentCare’s goal is that the new user interface should save our clients even more time. We firmly believe that our clients should be able to set the system up and only make minor tweaks as needed. The software itself should be fairly hands off.

New Layout

New User Interface - Appointmentcare

Old Layout

Old User Interface - Appointmentcare

Hands Off Appointment Scheduling

One of the ways we make appointment scheduling so hands off is by making it do things automatically. AppointmentCare allows you to send email or text reminders to your customers before the appointment happens. The other great feature we have is that AppointmentCare can easily sync to your calendar. So if your business uses Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other calendar there is a good chance your schedule gets updated in real time inside our software after your link it to your profile. This means that once you connect your calendar it will automatically update your AppointmentCare profile. So each employee can set their calendar. They can be assured that they will only get appointments scheduled based on their availability from their own calendar.

Scheduling Made Easy

Ability to create group events and recurring events

The first new feature we have available is the ability to create events. An event could be something like a webinar where you want your sales team to demo a product or show a tutorial on something.

We have some clients that run a plumbing store where they redo kitchens and baths. They have been using our software to coordinate their sales people. When customers come in to design or update their kitchen or bathroom. Now with the new event feature they have started to do online tutorials to help some of their do it yourself customers in learning how to fix leaky pipes or replace a toilet. Similar to how some big box home improvement stores do it in store. Except now our client can reach more customers from the comfort of their home.

Also by adding this feature we have now been able to start offering our services to more gyms, yoga studios and other businesses like that. This would be for any sort of class where they can have a set amount of spots available. Better yet these new events can be set up to be recurring. So if you want to schedule a yoga class every Monday at 10 am it is easy to set it up for months into the future. Below you can see how quickly you can set up events for your business.

How to Create Group Events Part 1

Go to your exist calendar view. Then left click to create a new event. You can then select to add a group event.

How to Create Group Events Part 2

To make it recurring open the recurring options below to allow the event to happen on the days and weeks you want them to.


How to Create Group Events Part 3

Going forward

With these updates to our software we are now able to add features a lot quicker then we did in the past. Expect to see a lot of other useful features. The coming will be busy months as we aim to position your business for success in the short and long term.


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