How to promote your business

Appointment care is an innovative platform to let your customers access your calendar online. The more you generate movement; the more Appointment Care customizes its services to your company.

Make sure customers can find you and book your services online easily.

Happy Customers

  • Synchronize your Appointment Care Calendar with your website, your Facebook page, Instagram, and other social media accounts.
  • Customize your business profile page on Appointment Care to reflect the services you offer. Your profile is crucial; its the only information your customers will see when they book an appointment through your direct link.
  • Add your business on Google maps and Yelp. Upload pictures of your logo, your previous work, and contact details. Do not forget to add your link to let customers book your services on every platform.

How to get your scheduling link to your customers

Most Important Things About Salon Scheduling Software

  • Send your scheduling link with a brief description and introduce your new platform on social media.
  • Add the link to your marketing tools and create a bold sign. Hand-out individual pamphlets for your customers presenting this new alternative.
  • Include your link on your business card. As well, let your customers know on your voicemail that they can book your services online.

Provide an incentive for customers to book online

Is Having Online Booking Effective for Businesses? As a business owner, you don’t want to waste your time and funds implementing practices that won’t be effective. Additionally, if something seems too complicated or time-consuming to use, it’s very likely to be skipped as well. New technologies often face this type of resistance, even though they might be reasonably easy to set up and use. Online booking sometimes meets that type of resistance, despite being among the most highly praised technologies businesses can implement. It may not seem like a change that would make such a big difference, but customers seem to love it and are beginning to expect it from all businesses. If you’re wondering whether the online booking is useful for companies and why; we have some information for you: Your Staff Spends Less Time on the Phone Whether you have a dedicated receptionist or not, some staff member will have to tackle appointments. That essentially ties them up to the task of working the phone at best, and at worst it divides their attention between duties, which can negatively impact their productivity. On the other hand, online booking will free up your employees to focus on what they do best, without having to spend a lot of time communicating with the customers over the phone. That can increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your practice while still keeping customers happy. It Provides You with Marketing Insights and Opportunities Depending on the online booking system you opt for, you can access valuable data about the services you offer. For example, you can find out what the most requested service is, or which one is the busiest appointment time slot. Knowing what your customers are interested in the most can help you refine your offer further and provide them with more of what they want. Furthermore, the online booking process provides an excellent opportunity to upsell by showing the customer an extra offer that they might have interest. Coupled with the valuable data you obtain, your online booking system could provide you a significant marketing edge over your competition. It Reduces No-Shows Online booking is widely regarded as a system that makes it easier for the customer to schedule an appointment in the time frame when they can certainly make it. As customers become more likely to show up, that reduces no-shows, which can benefit your business significantly. You won’t have any more wasted time slots that could have been taken by other customers. Additionally, online booking reduces errors in appointment scheduling, both from the customer or employee. Ready to Make Your Business More Effective? In the effort to build a profitable business, even the smallest push towards increased effectiveness helps. We understand what it takes, which is why we’ve developed a tool that is sure to help. At Appointment Care, our scheduling software can help you take full advantage of the capabilities of automation to aid your efforts in making your business operate more effectively. Start your free trial, and grow your business by utilizing online booking that will let you focus on doing what you do best.

Perhaps your customers are already contacting you through email and social media to schedule an appointment. Instead of waiting for a reply, this method is an easy way to generate more traffic to your platform. It’s an authentic resource to generate more sales.

  • Offer a small discount for first time customers that book your services online.
  • Send coupons through Appointment Care to initiate your regular customers to convert to this platform.
  • Refer your new customers to this link when they inquire about your services.


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