Using Online Appointments To Get More Clients

We live in an age of technology, and that can mean a multitude of things. However, in business, one of the aspects of the advancement of technology is customer convenience. With so many options that can make our lives easier, clients are beginning to expect businesses to go above and beyond for their convenience.

One of those convenient options is an online appointment booking. Research shows that 70% of clients prefer to book online, as 56.4% of clients experience frustration when having to wait on hold to schedule an appointment. Let’s have a closer look at how clients are impacted by online booking:

Can Online Booking Options Get You More Clients?

The Impact of Waiting Time and Lack of Choice

Simplify Your Schedule

Clients today don’t have time to spend on hold, nor the will to wait for a business’ open hours to schedule their appointment. It’s all about convenience: 36% of clients consider being put on hold to be a colossal waste of time.

What’s more, clients want businesses to make it easy for them to fit an appointment into their busy schedule. Online booking allows them to see available time slots at a glance, which is a precious time saver.

Benefits of Real-Time Online Booking

Reduce No Shows

In specific industries and fields such as healthcare, any software that can help reduce the administrative workload is a life saver. Real-time booking options ensure that there are no appointment requests that an administrator needs to approve before the appointment itself shows up in the system.

It is why self-scheduling options are so attractive for healthcare providers. They reduce the workload while making scheduling more convenient for patients and clients.

Rescheduling and Appointment Reminders

Benefits of Scheduling

Lack of suitable appointment reminders is one of the things to blame when clients or service providers forget about an appointment. Phone calls can be missed, and emails can remain unread. However, most clients do see incoming texts in time to be reminded of an appointment, which is why SMS appointment reminders within online scheduling software are a great option.

What’s more, an online booking system also provides options for easy rescheduling. In case you or the client have to move the appointment, it’s much more convenient to do it online than over the phone or email.

Automation and Convenience

Simplify Your Schedule

Finally, automation of scheduling processes plays a significant role in the increased convenience of appointment scheduling. Online booking software operates on the “set it and forget it” principle — when the time comes; automated reminders will ensure you don’t miss an appointment. They can integrate with your calendar app, guaranteeing ease of use.

Furthermore, online scheduling software is going to streamline all appointment scheduling processes while eliminating a lot of manual work. There is nothing more convenient than for you to be able to dedicate time to what you do best, and for the clients to save time by using excellent scheduling options.

As the research data clearly shows, booking appointments by phone is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. Clients are turning more in favor of online appointments, and businesses need to jump on the bandwagon.

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