Tips on How to Get Nail Salon Customers to Make Appointments

When your customers make appointments, it is much easier for you to carefully plan your schedule as well as estimate your earnings. Giving you enough room for adjustments. However, a trip to a nail salon is usually an impromptu decision, as well as your clients might be accustomed to walk-in visiting. Thus, if you want your customers to make an appointment instead, you will need to give them some incentives. This will enable your business to make the appointment scheduling process stress-free and hassle-free. In this post, you will learn how to get more nail salon customers to make appointments with you.

  1. Talk to Them About Appointment Scheduling Options

Improve Operational Efficiency

Since many nail salons nowadays are walk-in businesses, customers may not know that they can be able to make appointments to avail your service. Most of the time, the option of setting an appointment ahead of time may not occur to them right after a pedicure. In order to make sure that your client will make an appointment the next time she wants to visit your salon. You can offer to make a next scheduled appointment for her upon checking out. Be prepared to offer pieces of advice regarding when she should come back for a nail spa or a manicure.


Aside from that, you can also give her an appointment card in order to remind her of her next appointment, or you can give her a reminder call a day or two prior to her appointment. This is a completely challenging task to do as a nail salon owner or manager. Since you have to manually check for your client’s booking and call them one by one for reminders.


Sometimes, there are clients who will get annoyed if they receive a call just to remind them of a manicure appointment. Fortunately, there’s a much better way to do that and that is by using a reliable online appointment scheduling system for your nail salon business. With an online booking system, you will never have to worry about how your customers can book an appointment with you in their most convenient time and in your available schedule. Aside from that, they will be automatically reminded by an SMS or email reminder of their appointment. Enabling you to save more time and effort.


  1. Offer Incentives

If you prefer to use conventional appointment scheduling system. You can also use small incentives in order to encourage your customers to make appointments with you. You can also try using a loyalty card. Which offers your customers with a free service like manicure, pedicure, or treatment for ten or above appointments. Alternatively, you can also offer discounts to customers who make appointments online or extend your usual hours for appointments. For instance, if your business closes at 6 pm, you may take a few appointments between 6pm and 8pm. As this can allow customers with hectic schedules to avail the services you offer only if they have booked an appointment.


  1. Always Keep Appointment Times

Simplify Your Schedule

The major advantage to a customer of scheduling an appointment is that she is confident that you are available on that specific date and time. Which can also make her life much easier by not wasting any time and effort. For example, you may schedule the appointment of a customer from 5pm to 6pm. So she will have an idea of when she will be out of your salon. Furthermore, make sure that you are able to stick to this schedule as much as possible. This will avoid conflict and losing your clients. Certainly, this is the last thing that you want to happen. Features like this are key to appointment scheduling software like AppointmentCare


  1. Incorporating a Hassle-Free Scheduling

There are some customers who may not want to go to your salon on the spot just to make an appointment. Calling you during business hours can be quite challenging for customers who work long hours. Fortunately, you can be able to offer your clients with several hassle-free appointment scheduling options. As well as consider allowing your customers to schedule an appointment whenever and wherever they are, without having to visit your salon to book an appointment.


As a matter of fact, your customers can book an appointment with you through email or text. But there is greater appointment scheduling option than these and that is to schedule an appointment online. As a matter of fact, online appointment scheduling systems can be able to let your clients make appointments much easier for both parties. Online appointment scheduling has never been easy as it can allow your customer to book an appointment anytime and anywhere they want.


  1. Consider the Benefits of Using an Online Appointment Scheduling System for Your Nail Salon Business

Customer Loyalty Salon

If you are ready to grow your business like never before. Then you should consider using a reliable online nail salon appointment scheduling system. Fortunately, there are professional online booking system service providers. They are able to give you everything you need in order to make the operations of your business even more productive. Here are some of the many benefits that online appointment scheduling software can do:


  • It Lets Your Customers Schedule Appointments Online

What’s good about online appointment scheduling system is that it can help you bring in more customers without the need to deal with phone interruptions in a constant manner. Luckily, nail salon appointment online software makes it a lot simpler for your customers to book. Especially with their preferred appointment date and time online.


  • Automatically Sends Appointment Reminders to Customers

Another advantage that you can get from online salon booking system is that it politely reminds your customers about their upcoming scheduled appointments. All through sending them automated e-mails or text messages. Having said that, online salon appointment setting software won’t only provide you an easier appointment setting. But it also helps you spend much lesser time calling. As well as confirming your client’s appointment. It also gets easier confirmations as well as boosts attendance.


  • Allows You to Effectively Manage Client Records and See Your Schedule Easily

Fortunately, nail salon software can make the client information available to you in a very easy manner. With just a single click on a button. Aside from that, in just one look at your screen, you will definitely be able to know your schedule with drag and drop and color-coded appointment segments. Which can make rescheduling a breeze. Your employees can even check and manage your clients. As well as their appointments by simply using their tablets or smartphones.


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