Handle the Holiday Rush with Appointment Care

With the celebrations in the air, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Without a doubt, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride. The holiday season will be a lot different this year and is forcing small businesses to adapt to a new market. We can expect online sales to skyrocket and create a storm of new challenges.

Big retailers may have more resources to meet increased demand by hiring holiday staff. Small businesses may not have that luxury. Perhaps you don’t have the budget, or with the pandemic floating around, you just don’t have the resources. Thankfully, there’s answers to your prayers: an online scheduler!

Communication will be a must to manage unparalleled sales volume this year! Appointment Care provides automatic online scheduling, email automation and adds valuable manpower to your business!   If you’re looking to work your way through the holiday rush, this might just be a perfect choice.


Handle overflow

Simplify Your Schedule

A record number of potential customers are consulting your website this holiday season! Whether they’re considering your services for themselves or family and friends, your sales will increase dramatically.

On the other hand, more sales include more inquiries, more questions, and more work. If customers have questions about your services or having trouble with their order, your business needs to respond quickly. Without outside help, it’s most likely that some customers will fall through the cracks. When customers are dissatisfied with your response time, it reflects negatively on your business as a whole!

Negative experiences can quickly appear on the net. Instead of only losing one customer, you could potentially lose several who search your business online. No matter the time of day, make every customer an important one!


Timely Appointment Scheduling

Increase Productivity

If you run a service-oriented business, the holiday boom is right around the corner. Handling calls and emails can become too time-consuming and create a real delay in your operations. With an online scheduler, you can avoid all that fuss and get straight to business! Services will be scheduled automatically, and custom responses will be sent directly from your platform in a blink of an eye.

Timely appointments will be crucial to manage this shifting economy. Every hour that your business is closed is lost business. Online scheduling eliminates around the clock staff, and let’s spend time with your family and friends while the company continues to operate. Of course, all hour online schedules don’t just eliminate night owls; they also remove hassles from customers in other time zones or with an unusual work schedule!

Evidently, during the holidays, you’re most likely to fit more customers than you usually would. Appointment Care will optimize your schedule to work at the maximum capacity while respecting new health norms amid the covid pandemic. Reminders and follow-ups emails will be automatically generated to drive even more bookings. Have the peace of mind that you have everything under control this holiday season.


Gearing up for the Holiday Rush

We are living in uncertain times, but it has also opened new possibilities. Contactless interactions are becoming the new norm, and we saw video chat immerging. This famous channel is a great way to resolve customer support requests or make videos on using your product. With Appointment Care, you can directly access Zoom and generate video chats with your customers. People who used to visit retail stores to shop or to exchange goods are now browsing online. Video conferencing is a powerful tool and respects social distancing guidelines. This year may have been challenging but let’s finish it with a bang!


An online scheduler allows for email automation and enables businesses to flex to meet demand. Create stability by improving the core of your business with one simple solution.  With Appointment Care, everything is possible. Are you ready to tackle 2020’s holiday season?



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