Online Scheduling for Long Term Homes: Reunite Families with Appointment Care

Long term facilities and nursing homes operate 365 days of the year without exception. To deliver quality care, long term facilities need to schedule skilled staff and resources at the right place and the right time.

Adequate scheduling software will manage the availability of qualified personnel, preferences, and union requirements. Whether it’s dealing with overtime, time off between shifts, or managing split shifts, digital platforms simplify the process. Also Appointment Care can address these complex problems and help the administration juggle the challenges behind staff scheduling.

Plus, define certifications and skills for every employee. It is also easy to get an overview of their capabilities to fill a shift with specific qualifications. As well as include a short description of any new opportunity in your calendar to help managers choose the right person for the job. You can even color-code the members of your teams or each service to create an easy visual appeal.

Current Challenges

Automatic SMS Reminders

This year, the pandemic is continuously increasing the need for an online scheduler for these facilities. Due to this the market is changing, and Appointment Care is becoming a tool to manage visitors and monitor the flow of incoming and outcoming visits. The elderly is the hardest hit by the pandemic and are among the groups at higher risks. In order to control the spread of the virus and limit their exposure, hundreds of new facilities began using this digital platform to monitor the number of visitors at any given time.

Simplify Your Schedule

Simplify Your Schedule

Get full control over your schedule and availabilities. While also customized features like duration, number of visitors, and appointment confirmations.  With our solution, you can communicate clearly and ensure that everyone is up to date with health and safety guidelines.

Family members can book their time slot online without hassling the staff. Booking visitations rooms is now a piece of cake too!

However, we understand that allowing several visitors every day is impossible. Residents need the most support from their loved ones, and it is heartbreaking to tell them they can’t see their families. Thankfully, with an online scheduler, phone and video conference calls are scheduled to keep a connection alive.  Appointment care is seamlessly affiliated with Zoom to allow your residents to talk with their loved ones. Ensure social distanced visits and keep families safe during these uncertain times.

Automate Your Calendar

Simplify Your Schedule

By implementing automated visits and video conferences, you will significantly reduce the workload of your staff. Instead of spending hours emailing and handling phone calls, nurses can continue to deliver their outstanding customer service. You can create an online booking page with Appointment Care or send out links to the residents’ families.

Any nursing home or long-term care facility can benefit from this new approach. It is also simple and easy to implement. While live training and assistance are available to help set up this new platform in just a few hours. Focus on reuniting families instead of managing visitors and schedules this season!


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