How to Create a Rewarding Online School Schedule with Appointment Care

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the learning experience has drastically changed. Since last fall, you’ve most likely transitioned to online teaching.

Where do you start to establish a good foundation for your students? Your students may come from different time zones, have various learning styles or learning disabilities, and prefer their routines.

On top of that, you must keep your student motivated behind their computer screens. Encourage collaboration between your students and create interactive activities. This task can be overwhelming, so the best way is to have an online scheduler at hand to map out your curriculum.

Organize the schedule for maximum engagement

Scheduling Made Easy

In online courses, students work with the same content, activities, and discussions within a week. Also establishing a constant routine is the best way to keep your students organized and better prepare your assignment timeline.

Here are some ideas to keep your students motivated on your assignments and manage their time efficiently:

All projects are expected to be finalized by the end of the week. Schedule your deadlines in Appointment Care and color-code each project with a short description.

Plan at least one check-point meeting with your students every two weeks. Let your students schedule their appointments with Appointment Care in your available time slots. Please give them control over their workflow management.

Write short descriptions or link documents to your check-in meeting to keep your students updated and meet their expectations.

Schedule regular breaks

Benefits of Scheduling

Online classes can’t provide the same level of engagement as in-person classes. Studies have shown that courses with 50 minutes or more of content had their performance significantly altered.

Scheduling regular breaks are critical to ensure maximum functionality for both you and your students. Help students navigate between classes and re-energize with an exact break schedule.

Schedule the recurrence and length of each break sessions. Include a more extended lunch break without going overboard. With daily, weekly, and monthly schedule templates, you’ll have a clear view of your itinerary.

Creating an online schedule for online schooling means considering tons of different aspects at the same time. To make the process most efficient, you need to listen and schedule everything to make learning more comfortable.

Plan blocks of time for your students to study and work on assignments. Also adding study breaks to your schedule lets you leave free time for unexpected events or students requiring the most assistance.

You have a plan. You need Appointment Care to make that dream a reality. Create a process for your project, your breaks, and your entire workday. Turn Appointment Care into whatever you need: a class scheduler, assignment calendar, and video conference calls.

Display the schedule

Simplify Your Schedule

Help your students develop independent learning skills instead of relying on you or their parents for reminders. Having their learning schedule at hand continuously will remind them of their tasks and urgency and make them feel more prepared for their upcoming assignments.

Request the feedback of your students to tweak the schedule to fit their needs. While also sending out reminders for upcoming tests, video conferences, or meetings with Appointment Care’s automatic features.

Go beyond schedules. As Appointment Care is the only tool you’ll need to organize your work and school schedule. Send out customized surveys, access reports, and create your student database online.

You can easily create an online scheduler that works for everyone with continuous communication, persistence, and variation. Once you find the system that works for you, you’ll be pleased to see maximum productivity throughout the day.

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