New Years Resolution

Every year, we put New Year resolutions together. The new year is a time for self-reflection and find areas of improvement that can make us better as individuals or as a corporation. As your business grows, it’s essential to reflect on your brand presence and new tactics to keep your growth in an ascending fashion. In 2020, small companies faced many challenges, and 2021 may bring more reflection than usual. Here are four New Year’s resolutions that will help keep your customers and employees happy.


  1. Focus on Customer satisfaction

Customer Engagement

Often, we focus too heavily on acquiring new customers rather than satisfying and meeting our regular clients’ demands. It is imperative to keep your customer base informed to continue to generate a positive revenue flow during this pandemic.


Every part of the customer service experience is essential. It’s no longer enough to have the right product or service. Also customers are going back to companies to whom they trust, and that communicates regularly. Your online presence on social media, online platforms, and booking centers will impact your bottom line.


Enable instant booking and messaging with an online scheduler to keep your customers in the know and market your services to your existing customers. 67% of existing customers will spend more on your company than your new ones.


Don’t rely on old fashion methods to determine whether your customers are happy with your services. It’s easy to create a false sense of security with a few positive inputs. Also let your customers rate your services on your online scheduler and send comments for future visits.

  1. Give back to the community.


Consumers today are much more aware of investments in social and community programs. Especially in the last few months, customers are looking at businesses that support those in need during rough times and how they’ve reacted to the pandemic. They are increasingly looking for companies that help fulfill local needs and will often switch brands to support them, given comparable price and quality. How can your business become active in the community?

  • Volunteer programs: Give employees a few days off a year to volunteer for a local cause. Organize events, share them on your social media platform, and post your calendar online with your scheduler.
  • Share your results – Keep track of how many hours your team volunteered and collective donations. Color code charitable events in your calendar to keep track of your progress. Send reports, automatic emails, and newsletters through automatic messaging.


  1. Leverage online appointment scheduling

Get booked

Planning is vital to keep your business healthy and to grow. Set aside a time each week and even every day to review, adjust, and move forward.


Online appointment schedule automates the manual aspects of scheduling. With business closures around the globe, you can keep your business rolling and minimize your costs. Customize your open hours and share the prospect of letting customers book your services at their convenience.


The year 2020 confronted small businesses to adapt to virtual presence. Adjust to demand and prepare yourself for re-openings. Give your consumers the ability to interact with you or create a customer support case from the comfort of their own home. Keep your workflow stable and avoid overbookings.


More and more customers prefer to communicate via Skype and Zoom to limit their travels during these uncertain times. Appointment Care lets them connect with you through an integrated Zoom application. There’s nothing more important than talking to peers with the same interest, make new contacts and get to know your clientele base.


  1. Practice problem solving

Simplify Your Schedule

One of the keys behind a successful business is maximizing efficiency. The best way to become efficient is to have a strategy for problem-solving. Also set yourself periodic objectives to assess procedures and review your reports on Appointment Care.


Your suppliers are crucial allies to go the extra mile. Manage your cash flow and review your sales target with monthly reports and establish goals for different products. Also challenge your sales team, your suppliers, and employees to keep your business growing.


Having a strong company culture will keep your employees satisfied and engaged. Consider surveying your staff on changes that they would like to see. Capitalize on their input to come back from the holidays with a positive and ground running mindset.


With the right tools, you can automate and tedious processes like resource inventory, email marketing, and tracking new leads. Take a hard look at what worked and what didn’t last year to create an organized system. Use your findings to update your online presence for 2021.


Regardless of your New Year’s resolution, dedicate yourself to your new goals and ease your transition into 2021. Achieve a healthy work-life balance is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. With the right tools, lighten your workload, and put your energy in the right place to focus on your success.


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